June 29th, 2019, 18.00, Tartu City Hall Square

As Estonians living outside of Estonia, we have always been fiercely proud of our Estonian heritage and have worked tirelessly to uphold and keep alive the language and culture passed down to us by our parents, for ourselves and for future generations. The Estonian choral tradition has been the major inspiration and vehicle for carrying out this goal and over the years, by singing in Estonian song festivals large and small, we have maintained our love and appreciation for Estonian songs.

ESTO Song in Tartu provides a unique opportunity for us to carry on our choral tradition, coming together from all over the world to enjoy and perform Estonian songs, in the city where the Song Festival tradition began 150 years ago. Conductor Triin Koch is the Honorary Patron of Esto Song and the concert will take place in the town square with Estonian choirs and conductors participating from North America, Australia and Europe. We look forward to seeing global Estonians, Estophiles, tourists as well as local residents in the audience for this event.

The concert program consists of songs, which over the years have been performed at various ESTOs and the Tallinn Song Festivals.

Koit (M. Lüdig/F. Kuhlbars)
Kaunimad laulud (Fr. Saebelmann/P. Ruubel)
Leelo (M. Saar/folklore)
Ma kõndisin vainul (C. Kreek/folklore)
Veel kaitse, kange Kalev (M. Härma)
Kuulajale (G.Ernesaks/B. Alver)
Laulu mõju (R. Toi/folklore)
Tuljak (M. Härma/K.F. Karlson)
Ta lendab mesipuu poole (P. Sarapik/J. Liiv)
Hoia Jumal Eestit (J. Aavik/L. Raudkepp)
Lahkumise laul (K. Türnpu/A. Saarik)

Joint songs:

Kungla Rahvas (K.A. Hermann/F. Kuhlbars)
Kodumaa /Kas tunned maad (R. Kull/M. Veske)

For song words and/or music, please contact Reet Lindau Voksepp.

ESTO Laul in Tartu Committee
Reet Lindau Voksepp