Opening concert

ESTO 2019 Opening Concert “Aegade sild – Bridge Across Times”

June 28th, 2019, 14.45, Helsinki Senate Square

The ESTO Opening Concert in Helsinki will bring together supporters of Estonian culture from around the world for the purpose of formally opening ESTO 2019 through Estonian music, folk dance and choral music.

It is important to involve Estonian musicians, conductors, singers and dancers from outside of Estonia, first of all, to show ourselves how many participate and contribute culturally, and secondly of course, to introduce Estonians and our culture to the public.

Directing the choirs will be Estonian conductors living and working in Finland, Guido Ausmaa ja Helge Kõrvits. Kaie Kuut, who leads the Estonian folk dance group “Ülelahedad” in Helsinki, will direct the folk dance groups. Raigo Megerild will perform in between acts.

The concert program consists of songs and dances which, over the years, we have performed at the Song and Dance Festivals.


Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm (F. Pacius / J. V. Jannsen)
Maamme laulu (F. Pacius / P. Kajander)

Koit (M. Lüdig / Fr. Kuhlbars)
Oh, laula ja hõiska (K. A. Hermann)
Laul põhjamaast (Ü. Vinter/ E. Vetemaa) 
Kaunimad laulud (Fr. Saebelmann / P. Ruubel)
Ärkamise aeg (R. Eespere) 


All Groups traditional dance medley / 15 min
– Perekonnavalss; Kikapuu; Padespann; Kalamies; Tuustep; Aleksandravalss; Kihnumua; Oige ja Vasempa.

All groups Tuljak / 2.54

Sind surmani (A. Mattiisen, sdn. R. Eespere – L. Koidula / J. Leesment (mixed choir arrangement was in the last song festival repertoire)
Ta lendab mesipuu poole (P. Sarapik / J. Liiv) 
Kodumaa /Kas tunned maad (R. Kull / M. Veske) 

ESTO 2019 Opening Concert Director
Maris Vaher
+358 40 026 5238