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Youth: Registration

ESTO 2019 invites 2-4 delegates from each country around the world to represent their place of residence and the Estonian community abroad.

ESTO 2019 offers Estonian youth living abroad the possibility to take part in ESTO as a youth delegate and contribute to the creation of an international network among Estonians living abroad.

As a young delegate YOU get to partake most efficiently in Helsinki’s Youth and future seminar, Tartu’s Youth Congress and Tallinn’s National Congress as well as the whole youth programme of ESTO 2019.

Apply to become a delegate, if:

  • You are 16-26 years old,
  • You have Estonian roots,
  • You can communicate in Estonian,
  • You are active in your country of residency and are ready to contribute to the international network of Estonian youth living abroad.

ESTO 2019 offers you a possibility to partake in the youth programme in Helsinki-Tartu-Tallinn. It is beneficial to share your thoughts with your peers, speak or perform publically and talk along on the topics of the future of Estonians abroad.

A delegate will be provided accommodation and catering. Travel expenses will be compensated and the programme of ESTO 2019 will be free of charge.
If all of the above speaks to you then let us know and sign up to becoming a youth delegate  HERE>>.