Press Release
Tallinn, 28 July 2023

ESTO 2025
XIII Global Estonian Cultural Festival – “As One – Üheskoos”

June 26 – July 2, 2025  •  Stockholm-Narva-Tallinn

The 2025 Global Estonian Cultural Festival, ESTO, will be hosted in Stockholm, Tallinn and Narva between June 26-July 2, 2025.  The ESTO Festival has called together Estonians from around the world since 1972, to celebrate their shared culture, heritage, and achievements – and to promote unity and reinforce the bonds between Estonians around the world. ESTO 2025 will coincide with and precede the XXVIII Song Festival and XXI Dance Festival happening July 3 – 6, in Tallinn.

ESTO 2025 will launch in Skansen, Stockholm where in 1925, Estonians participating in a Swedish Dance Festival, were inspired to import the Swedish tradition to Estonia. The festival will then be transported by ship and train to Narva. Among the many events being planned for ESTO in Narva are a youth congress focusing on multilingualism, and a high-level business forum. An international Estonian beach volleyball tournament will take place in Narva-Jõesuu. Among other cultural events, historical excursions of the Narva and Ida-Virumaa region are planned – a region that is undergoing significant renewal and revitalization.

A National Congress will be organized by the Estonian World Council and a Gala finale event are planned for Tallinn, along with concerts, exhibitions and meetings of various networks.

The Association of Estonians in Sweden (REL) is very pleased to host the first phase of ESTO 2025 in Stockholm “, said Sirle Sööt, REL chairman and president of ESTO 2019. „The opening in Skansen will provide an opportunity to introduce our heritage more broadly and highlight how the tradition of Estonian Dance festivals originated in Sweden. Estonians around the world have left cultural footprints in Sweden and taken them on to Canada, the USA and elsewhere. At ESTO 2025, we want to offer the joy of discovery and of coming together. We’ll learn the story of Narva and celebrate global Estonians, successful integration and multilingualism. “

Key organizers and partners include Association of Estonians in Sweden (REL), NGO ESTO Committee, Estonian Central Council in Canada (EKN), Network of Estonian Organizations in Finland (EOVS), Global Estonian Youth Network (ÜENV), The Association of Estonian Cultural Societies (EKSÜ), Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation, Dance Celebration Museum, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Embassy in Sweden,  Integration Foundation (INSA), Estonian Institute, Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, City of Narva, City of Tallinn, City of Narva-Jõesuu, Estonian World Council (ÜEKN), NGO Global Estonians and others.

For further information:
Sirle Sööt
+46 76 793 53 55

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